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It’s no surprise that the land having most metal bands per capita also has a capital city offering a diverse metal scene with bars, pubs, clubs, shops and restaurants spreading the metal love, with something for every taste – from darkest black metal events to easier rock style places, and a lot between.

Big metal festival held every summer, Tuska Open Air Metal Festival, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting events in Helsinki, although the city has a lot happening year around. Choose from a variety of concerts or just get to know with the local metal heads over a beer or two.

Hellsinki for Headbangers is created to help metal heads navigate around Helsinki, but also to give an alternative way and point of view in exploring the city. Skip the typical tourist crap and find out why metal can be seen as a part of the national identity of Finland instead.

This guide is written by a fellow metal music fan, travel blogger and tourism professional. For a heavy metal traveler, Helsinki is definitely a pick.

At the moment we are developing the guide and looking to find new, exciting locations to add in order to make your visit in Hellsinki even better.

Stay tuned!