Far up north lies a mysterious land – a land of old Nokia mobile phone throwing competitions, Tom of Finland textiles and, of course – metal music. The land is called Finland, and its capital is known as Helsinki. Once a young, enthusiastic tourism student and fellow metal head thought, that maybe it’s time to put Helsinki on the map for real – and found no better way of doing it, than starting to call Helsinki the Heavy Metal Capital of the World. After few months, blood, sweat and tears and a lot of death metal listening later, a baby was born. That baby was for all metal heads visiting Helsinki and it was called – Hellsinki for Headbangers – a metal head’s guide to Helsinki. Hellsinki for Headbangers concentrates on showing the alternative side of Helsinki – bars, clubs, shops, sights, restaurants etc. suitable for metal heads’ interests.

Why Helsinki?

Finland is a promised land of heavy metal, well all know that – but what many don’t know is that Helsinki hosts probably one of the most vidid and diverse metal scenes in the world. There is so much happening, to do and see for a metal head – if you know, where to find it. For a metal head, Helsinki is basically a dream destination to visit (if you ignore the weather, which is usually crap most of the year). Events, gigs, festivals – small and big – happening year around attract metal heads around the world to visit.

Finland is usually associated with Lapland, reindeers, Santa Claus, Moomins.. well, we do have lot more than that and why not start with the metal music, which is really big part of Finnish culture. Helsinki – or should we say Hellsinki, as it’s often called – is within easy reach, and a great place to start your metal journey through Finland or whole Scandinavia.

Behind the guide

The guide is created by a tourism professional / travel blogger / metal head from Finland. Hellsinki for Headbangers was originally published in May 2015 as an mobile travel guide, but has moved to its own platform and website since. Hellsinki for Headbangers aims to be the biggest metalheads’ travel guide about Helsinki, the heavy metal capital of Northern Europe and Scandinavia!

Hellsinki for Headbangers is a non-commercial, free online guide for everyone to enjoy Helsinki in an alternative, bit out-of-ordinary, way. We are trying to keep the guide up-to-date as well as possible, and are more than happy to receive suggestions on new locations or sections to add.


Ideas? Questions? Have a location to list? Interested in collaboration? Hoping to advertise? Contact us anne@metalliamatkassa.com

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Please note, that copying of the texts, photos or anything from the guide is strictly forbidden. All materials on the site are produced by the site owner, guide writer & creator, unless otherwise stated.

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